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Some offer more interaction with tutors and other writers than others; some are self-paced, while others have more fixed durations. It is in fact good to attend a variety of courses and events: practical, commercial, artsy, academic. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Consider other potential beta readers among booklovers you’ve gathered down the years (and if you’ve not been gathering them already, maybe now’s the time to start). I agree it’s very unusual for a creative writing course to assess students on a form that is probably the most commercial outlet for creative writing — mainly because of the time constraints on the tutors (and students). Each UEA School and Department has a 'Contact Us' section on this website that may have more specific email addresses, creative writing my dog phone numbers etc. Though I’m not taking the credit! Hi Andrew, can’t believe I pressed ‘submit’ on my application to UEA for the MA Creative Writing and THEN I see this post. Updated January 2018.] Think about taking a course. At least, that’s what she tells herself. Sorry to hear that you and chocolate don’t get along. I also wonder about this idea of ‘a higher level’ – what was happening with the lower level, perhaps, and how might these books take you higher? But an MA can also be expensive, and very often you’ll probably only produce the 15,000 words required for an academic thesis to satisfy the academeaucrats. I strongly recommend you get a direct personal recommendation from someone who’s actually taken a specific course with a specific teacher (and paid money to do so). I do also note that Bobbie insisted that everyone start *new* projects in that class. Glad to hear that you’re keeping up with the word count – always a delicate balance, making time for our own creative work is so vital if we are to also support other writers and artists. I have conflicted feelings about NaNoWriMo, i forgot to do my homework in japanese but a bit of bingeing doesn’t hurt for one month a year. Are you doing any of these things in any particular way already? The more you focus on the work, the more you will obsess about it, dream about it, and return to the page regularly.

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Someone was singing the praises of such courses in the Guardian only this morning: ‘Will a master’s in creative writing get you a book deal?’ – a variation on a familiar theme of discussing whether writing can be taught. So: research such courses well. Look at their content, look at the teachers, speak (directly) to recent graduates, and go in with your eyes open. These feel like lifelong friendships, even though we’re now many thousands of miles apart. Your labour of love can make you too outcome-oriented (is this good enough to publish?), when at this stage what you might really need is to focus on the more immediate goals of learning the craft (is my characterisation strong enough? An international mentoring and development organisation for writers, it is also an online home for writers, somewhere you can find advice, information, motivation and most of all encouragement for your writing work ... I’m a member of a face-to-face writers’ group and an online one (WriteWords), I set up an online crit group with people I met at Arvon, and have been part of two small face-to-face critique groups. Mostly I think all such books need to be read with imagination (aka pinches of salt). Follow your gut, your fascinations. The Costa Book of the Year will be announced on 27th January 2015. UEA. All rights reserved. University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7TJ, UK. I recently ran a one-day creativity workshop with Words Away, and in the near future I hope to offer masterclasses and workshops on topics such as plotting, voice, and revising and editing. Contact me if you’d like to be added to a mailing list. Your first tip in the list is one of the most important things I have ever read to convince me to persevere – I do love writing and I’m in love with the book I’ve just written and want to see it out there one day in the bookshops. Bluethroat Morning went on to become my bestselling book, with publication in six countries and 100,000 sales in Holland. But a chance encounter with a famous novelist and a surprise gift of an art book cut a chink in Anna’s resolve. I was working on pulling together lots of separate sections worked on over a long period of time and it’s difficult to spot gaps and repetitions until it’s all put together in one long version — that’s why I’m revising the novel again. A heartfelt thanks! I am currently temping and have walked away from my career that was just stripping me bare. Thorough, some excellent points made and some great book recommendations. Blog, review. In fact, in some genres this is almost a requirement. As for the question about whether writing can be taught, I certainly believe competence and skills can be taught. One year simply feels too rushed! Spin out the experience, epm homework help spin out the pleasure. Naomi Alderman grew up in London and attended Oxford University and UEA.

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A % (often based on pretty subjective criteria) just disappoints, and boxes you in, and that is useless for most any creative enterprise. A sequence of online courses that I recommend highly is run by the University of British Columbia on the edX platform – read my review of How To Write A Novel here. The teaching materials on that course are probably among the best I’ve seen in creative writing. The publishing world is full of highs and lows. Learn about my Coaching and Mentoring Services for ongoing support of your writing. Nothing against groupies, but that is more about community and socialising and friendships – do that on the side too, creative writing sports for sure.) Create long-term goals, with deadlines. Katharine, glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for the lovely feedback. Jan: Thanks for your comments on the blog. To complicate the discussion, things can, in fact, sometimes get a bit academicised (is that a word?! That’s the one! It’s helped me enormously, so thank you. And yes, this is an ongoing journey (that sounds corny, but I think it’s true). If you don’t love it, you probably won’t have the stamina to keep going when the going gets tough. I’m interested to see this, Andrew, since I have already started a learning journal for what I am calling my DIY writing masterclass, entirely for me and made up by me, as an alternative to doing an MA in Creative Writing, which I have neither the money for nor the ability to commit time to. Receive Jacqui's free ebook Get Black on White: 30 Days to Productivity and Confidence for writers. Most professional novelists also have other streams of income. Characters Sparking Joy: Writing Experiment No. I try out another point of view just to see what happens?).

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I have been writing, short stories, poetry and articles.


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The aim of this textbook is to represent the collective knowledge and views of international hand surgeons.

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