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I have learned so much through these years of experience and have created great bonds with the animals. They do not teach about killing, or abusing animals. I want to thank the FFA organization for all of its benefits. Those animals did not feel a thing, didn’t even see it coming, and were treated with respect throughout the entire process. That part, Peta’s article writer was wrong along with the other things she continued to say about that. The production of market and breeding sheep has taught me so much about my animal: how to care for it when it is sick, the right amounts of feed, vitamins and exercise to keep it healthy, and my sheep are some of my best friends, I cry every year when I send a ewe back to the farm to be bred because I had such a strong bond with them. I still have found nothing wrong with the post that you have criticized me on besides a few grammatical errors. This thread has prompted me to do something I have thought about for sometime. Not a unique case. They have made changes to orevent it from happening again. It shows that PETA took in over $50 million that year. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect people from this group to accurately post anything about PETA or any other animal welfare group. Obviously, as someone who raises cattle and show pigs on my family farm, the author and I disagree on the issue of raising animals for human consumption. Whoops! Wrong, my confused friend. In all of your posts you have said nothing of value or provided support for your position. I know where I am standing and I will be filming the entire event and laughing. FFA is one of the best youth organizations in the world, and I don’t want some narrow minded animal rights extremist to dirty the FFA record of being a magnificent youth organization which deals in teaching Premier Leadership, Personal Growth and Career Success.

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Your choice. Fill your head with garbage or a clear conscience. The group PETA isn’t extremists, which is an overused cliche and always negative and always used by people and groups with opposite views. I believe in the future of agriculture, with a faith born not of words but of deeds – achievements won by the present and past generations of agriculturists; in the promise of better days through better ways, even as the better things we now enjoy have come to us from the struggles of former years. PETA was fined for killing the dog. It was extremely weak and collapsed when it came in. Another news site, wavy.com reports the entire story of PETA stealing this dog in Virgina. You are literally bashing the organization that helps to promote the agriculture that young farmers need to know in producing your food as well as mine. I have heard the exact same things over and over and over for years, and since I actually do follow what PETA does and all their great work, I know exactly what they do. Is that easier for you? If you dont get it, let me know and I can take a few more seconds and restate it. Is that all you have to offer is a weak attempt at a personal attack? An animal hospital in Melbourne has reported a kitten force-fed a vegan diet was on the verge of death after its ideologically-driven owners bought the emaciated creature in wondering what might be wrong with it. Celeste, I would like to see a reference to the article that you are referencing in your article. PETA is an extremist in oh so many, many ways!

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No other youth organization offers so much in the way of preparing people for adulthood. Through my work with the Kentucky FFA Association, I’ve even been able to cover chapters doing community service in communities far away from home during the annual Day of Service at the Kentucky FFA State Convention. I used another word beginning with “e” which maybe you got confused about. I have blogged about FFA several times. So if I do the math she represents the beliefs of .04% of the population. That person said a week or a day. Gosh, clip art creative writing that one was too easy. Let’s see. Also, whatever happened to those vaunted shields that in the television show always protected the ship from harm? God bless your farmers, ranchers, and our young 4h and ffa members. Explain to me how PETA is not an extremist group? Ok folks, I think its time for this to simmer down.

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Also they fake their videos and articles for shock vaule. Winograd is never to be trusted with anything he writes or publishes. When I was in FFA, I never expected that I would someday be self-employed. I am an officer of my FFA an have done CDE’s and LDE’s since my freshman year. I believe that American agriculture can and will hold true to the best traditions of our national life and that I can exert an influence in my home and community which will stand solid for my part in that inspiring task. I love my SAE project very much! It’s been several months since Miss. I remember hearing in 1999 the head of peta state that he called a aunts life as much as his own children’s if you don’t think that is a extremist than do be it. They fill out record books detailing how their money was spent and any profits made. I see where you say to visit the PETA website to get all the facts. During this competition, students are not only evaluated on the merit of their experiment but also on their ability to present their findings to the judges. And for say that animal dies he is as upset as if he just lost a family member.

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The numbers are specific and astonishing. They have complete control over their content, and may not be as transparent as you think. The research I have done, is first hand. The bills still passed. The people of Virgina spoke. J Phillips is a common TROLL on any animal-related article that puts PeTA (in particular) in a bad light—typical insults and condescending garbage language.


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